How do WE spell Success. . .

Success for DONA SCARVES is seeing our company grow and our wonderful clients re-ordering, creating new beautiful scarf designs and now integrating neckties, bow ties, pocket squares, cummerbunds. Our designs are showing up in museum shops and other institutions across the country.

Here are a few recent and on going projects that put a smile of success on our faces!

Jane Precella | Joslyn Art Museum | Retail Manager

“Singing Donna’s praises!”

“While attending a recent MSA conference, Donna and I dreamed up a fantastic project - a scarf featuring Joslyn’s | Jackson Pollock’s | Galaxy. From day 1 she was imaginative and innovative. We brainstormed ideas and she designed. Her strong interior design background lets her be responsive to new ideas and change. She listens and fine tunes the design accordingly. I then blurted out. . . . do you also make ties? Her response, I sure can, I was just looking for the right opportunity. This interchange of ideas gave birth to the Jackson Pollock Wedding Collection an exclusive for the Joslyn Art Museum and has been so popular for the weddings taking place at Joslyn.

We are so excited about this product development project, What started out is a simple scarf became a collection that takes a wedding at Joslyn to a whole new level of relevance. I can’t thank Donna enough for her imagination, outstanding design sense and great can do spirit!

Best of all, I have a close and wonderful new friend.
— Jane Precella

Cynthia Staples | Trinity Church Boston | Copley Square

Cynthia was referred to us by a fellow MSA vendor, David Graveen | Popcorn Custom Products. She was looking for someone who could make a custom scarf similar to something that was done before for Trinity Church Boston. We took on the challenge and produce a magnificent scarf using a wall design from the chancel walls and since that time many more wonderful and wearable art pieces representing this iconic images from this historic landmark church of the late 19th century.

It has been a pleasure working with Donna. Her ability to create an exquisite textile based on the art and architecture of this historic building has truly enhanced our visitors interest in our shop.
— Cynthia Staples

Joy Shalla Glenn | International Quilt Study Center Museum | University of Nebraska Lincoln

From Kente to Kuba - Stitched Textiles from West and Central Africa | Kuba cloth from the Democratic Republic of the Congo is a ceremonial raffia fabric constructed using a number of techniques including patchwork and appliqué. We created these 5 authentic looking cashmere scarves that clearly emphasize the craftsmanship and beauty of the Kuba textile

Deidre Scott | Library of Congress | 2018 Holiday Catalog | Washington, D.C.

During the MSA annual conference 2018 in Washington, D.C. I met Deirdre Scott, Business Enterprises Officer for the Library of Congress. We struck up a wonderful collaboration and worked hand and hand developing this beautiful 100% silk scarf. The scarf center features the interior mural found under the cupola of the Library’s Main Reading Room. Four eloquent quotes from engravings around the Thomas Jefferson Building create the border, including “Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty” and “Books The Delight of the Soul.”