The Dona Story


How to make a custom Scarf | North Carolina Museum of Art | part of the Photo Dream Collection - 9 different designs

A Passion for Design

The summer of 2015 I started a new venture stemming from an overwhelming passion and love I have for beautiful cashmere and silk scarves. I guess you could call me a “scarf junkie” and I’m not sure exactly why I wanted to do this as a business except I believed I could design wonderful scarves and not charge the costly prices that cashmere scarves were selling for. With a degree in architecture and interior design I’m still involved with a very active interior design career. This did not stop me and I created a line of 9 oversized cashmere scarf designs. I showed them to Susan Tudor of the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens in Jacksonville, Florida and she invited me to be part of The Cummer’s Holiday Sales Event, “Champaign and Shopping”. After that very successful event I decided it would be much more interesting to provide custom designed scarves for museum shops as they have such a vast amount of interesting art, artifacts and architecture! What was I thinking, right?  But oddly enough this has brought me to doing something I truly love.

I created a niche, something that to my knowledge was not out there in the Museum World and the best part about all of this over the last years are my clients, the wonderful MSA shop directors and MSA vendors who now are like family. A new vision into using custom design and product development to create truly one of a kind designs that are so unique there’s only one place in the world to purchase them - in that museum. DONA Scarves sees an ongoing opportunity to highlight specific exhibitions, catalogue sales and souvenirs that represent a unique museum experience.

Wearable art that generates excitement for patrons visiting a museum shop. Capitalizing on not only the beauty of the museum’s elements but the purpose and experience of visiting a museum collection, a new exhibit or a special event such as a wedding. Products that will enhance and give greater impact and meaning.

Now as time goes by we have expanded our offerings due to special request to include other custom items: Bow ties | Neckties | Cummerbunds | Pocket Squares | Tea Towels

I hope you will explore the pages of this website and discover for yourself the excitement that you can create working with DONA Scarves. Thank you!